Ghent-Authentic By Night

Aan de Leie
Ghent, Manhattan of the Middle Ages !

Ghent by day might blow you away but Ghent by night will dazzle you!

When night falls, thousands of spotlights of the intricate and award winning lightning plan by French designer Roland Jéol, switch on and bring out the best of the medieval heart of the city.

For 1 ½ hour we take you on an evening walk, tracing the unique lightning plan and the buildings that are so spectacularly showcased. As the city turns quiet, we stroll alongside the canals, hold still on small bridges and enjoy the reflection of the hundreds of year old buildings into the water.

While the tour takes it course, the magic of Ghent sips through and will make you want to stay up all night! 

For more information about the price and free of charge extra services that come along with the tour, click price policy/service policy.  



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