Ghent-Authentic 'Contemporary Architecture'

Universiteitsforum (UFO) - arch. De Geyter & Beel

Woven in between ancient buildings of the medieval city center, contemporary 'temples' arise. Local architects with names that resonate far beyond Belgium as there are RobbrechtDaem & Van Hee, Stéphane BeelCoessee & Goris, construct landmarks alongside the river Scheldt

During this walk we discover how these architects took up the challenge to combine the 'old' with the new as well as how these poignant constructions will define the city of Ghent of tomorrow. We will include at least 1 short visit of one of them eg. the brand new library of Ghent and impressive landmark 'De Krook'!


Ghent-Authentic Classic

Gent, het Middeleeuwse Manhattan
Sint-Baafs kathedraal
De Lieve

In ‘Ghent-Authentic Classic’ we pick you up at the hotel and take you for a stroll through the cobblestone streets of Ghent.

During 1 ½ hour we walk and talk about all the famous highlights Ghent has to offer such as the Castle of the Counts, the Belfry, the medieval skyline of guild houses, towers and churches, the cathedral etc. We like to elaborate not only on their historical and architectural value but also on their present-day function and how things might evolve in the future.

On top of that we won’t hesitate to point out some of the small authentic local shops, bars and restaurants we pass by and are often overlooked as they tend to be hidden deep in the medieval heart of the city.

After 1 ½ hour you will have seen more, know more and have experienced more than most well-prepared tourists do in one day! 

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Ghent-Authentic & The Castle of the Counts

Ook voor kinderen

Over 800 years old, the Castle of the Counts is one of Ghent's major tourist attractions. With its thick walls, its winding staircases and its knight's hall, it gives you more than just a glimpse about how life must have been in the Middle Ages. Don't forget to climb the dunjon and enjoy the view over Ghent !

A guided tour in the Castle of the Counts can be perfectly combined with each one of our standard tours. 

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Ghent-Authentic & the Ghent Altarpiece: a perfect combination


Despite the fact that we see the Ghent Altarpiece every day, it does not cease to fascinate and inspire us. We like to share our knowledge and passion for it with you. The Ghent Altarpiece can be perfectly integrated in most of our tours. 

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