Meet your guide

Ghent-Authentic only works with highly profiled, professional, local guides.All guides took the extensive guiding program, organized and licensed by the government and internationally recognized for its quality.

Ghent-Authentic guides speak fluently different languages, are well-travelled and have business experience.

Kristel Vereecken : Dutch/English/French

After working for over 12 years as a lawyer and a human resources manager, Kristel took a sabbatical which changed her life. She decided to follow her passions in life which are traveling, writing and being entrepreneurial in the broad sense of the word. Kristel is the founder, owner and manager of Ghent-Authentic. She lives alternately in Ghent and in New York City where she keeps on pursuing a writing career.

Since January 2011, Kristel is engaged by the European Commission as a 'European Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador', to be a role model for women who consider to start their own business. In February 2012 Kristel won the 'De Gentse Ondernemer/Gentse starter 2012' award as a result of which she  became a role model for starting entrepreneurs in her tome town Ghent as well. 


Bertien Stegeman : Dutch/English

As an architect, Bertien is not only interested in the historical architecture of Ghent but also in its future projects and in everything that makes the city as beautiful as it is. Born in the Netherlands, Bertien relocated to Ghent where she has been living and working now for many years.

Vicky Daenen : Dutch/English

Besides working as a meteorologist at the airport of Ostend, Vicky is passionate about her home town of Ghent where she lives with her husband and her two little boys. Questions about the weather during your visit? Ask Vicky!

Véronique Delariviere : Dutch/English/German

As a management assistant, Véronique deals, on a daily basis, with people from all over the world. Apart from her love for Ghent, Veronique has a soft spot in her heart for London. 

Sarah Van den Heuvel : Dutch/French

A few times a week, Sarah commutes to Brussels where she works as a Dutch language teacher at the European School.

Even though she loves her job, she could never move to Brussels. For Sarah there’s is nothing like Ghent! 

Peter Maes : Dutch/English/French/German

Born out of a Flemish father and a German mother Peter speaks fluently German and Dutch. Once graduated as civil engineer with a passion for architecture and (art) history, Peter now works as an IT-manager in Brussels. However Peter stayed true to himself, kept on following his passion and became a top guide in Ghent !

Cathy Verschoore : Dutch/English

When Cathy isn't hiking in far remote places or training for a triathlon, she works as a sports counselor for the city of Ghent. On top of that Cathy loves to guide visitors from all over the world in 'her' city of Ghent. Ghent a vibrant and dynamic city ? You may be sure Cathy has something to do with it !


As a specialist in romance languages and journalist, Kelly studied and lived in France and Spain. However, her passion for her hometown Ghent made her come back, settle down and get her three little 'Ghentians'! Working as a copywriter and creator of out-of-the-box advertising concepts, Kelly's days are filled with stories and creativity. Together with her kindness and versatility, these qualities make Kelly the great urban storyteller she is!