Ghent-Authentic Coffee, Shopping & Chocolate Tour

Handmade soap "Kisses from Ghent"
Boxes of chocolate
Roasted coffee beans...
Home linen
Handmade soaps...
Gentse Neuzekes

‘Ghent-Authentic Shopping’ takes you for a 1 ½ hour stroll by the most authentic icon shops in Ghent.

Whether it is a candy store in a tiny 17th century house or a luxury leather accessories boutique in a stately 19th century mansion, the ‘Ghent-Authentic’ shopping tour will take you to unique places most tourists never get to see as they tend to be very small or well hidden in the medieval heart of the city.

The ‘Ghent-Authentic shopping’ tour combines the excitement of discovering authentic local shops with the history and architecture of the landmark buildings that host them.

History and shopping? Window shopping doesn’t get any better than this!

This tour can be easily extended with some coffee and chocolate tasting at 3 of the icon shops we pass by. The price of the coffee and the chocolate depends on the group size and is not included in the price of the tour. 

We wish to point out that Ghent-Authentic is an independent organization that accepts no commission of any kind from the shops we pass by or recommend. 

For more information about the price and free of charge extra services that come along with the tour, click price policy/service policy. 



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