Size does matter

Kouter op zondag

At 'GHENT-AUTHENTIC' we like you to discover Ghent in the most authentic and relaxed way.

As we believe that this is not possible with large groups, we split groups up in small groups of maximum 20 people.

The smaller the group the more you will get out of the tour, the more you will see and experience the city, and the more customized the tour will be.

A/ Small groups: up to 20 people

Unlike other tour guiding organisations, Ghent-Autentic profiles itself as a tour guiding company for individuals, couples, families and small groups up to 20 people.

As a small group it is a lot easier to discover the city from the inside out and experience Ghent to the fullest whether it is popping into small medieval places, having a talk with the locals or sitting on a bench alongside the canals while watching the boats pass by. On top of that there's plenty of room not only to have a nice talk about everything we pass by, but also to answer all your questions with utmost attention and details. 

In short, guiding doesn't get any better than this!

B/ Large groups: over 20 people

At 'GHENT-AUTHENTIC' we do not do large groups. If your group is large, we split it up into several smaller groups of maximum 20 people each.

The reasons for this are numerous:

- large groups tend to be very slow. Part of the tour is simply about guiding the large group safely through the small streets of Ghent, making sure that nobody gets lost or is waiting at a stop sign until everybody regroups. Apart from the fact that you can't show, see or do as much as you do with a small group, we believe that guiding and being guided like this isn't much fun at all so we rather don't do it.

- guiding large groups tends to be a constant 'fight' to get yourself understood (as a guide) against the background of city noises. Even with a loud and clear voice, it is simply not possible to reach each and everyone in the group, which can be frustrating not only for the guide but also for those standing in the back and trying to get a grasp of whatever is being said. On top of that, guiding for large groups always turns into a one way 'lecture' which is something we desperately try to avoid.

- large groups do not leave room for any kind of flexibility. It is not possible to pop into small authentic places as large groups simply will not fit in. As 'GHENT-AUTHENTIC' is all about authenticity and experiencing the city from the inside out, we will not compromise on this.