European Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador !


Today it’s the 100th anniversary of international women’s day. Although it still takes quite some courage to start a business, it is nothing compared to the obstacles women had to face 100 years ago.

I am proud to announce that the European Commission engaged me as a role model, a European Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador, for so many intelligent, competent women out there who despite their often high level of education and resources, still believe they are not capable of running their own business. Of course they can!

Ps. To contradict those who believe Ghent-Authentic is women only, we are happy to welcome Peter in our midst as the first Ghent-Authentic man !

I am sure our grandmothers and great grandmothers would have been proud ☺

More info about the ambassadorship:,, het ondernemersnetwerk voor vrouwen van markant en UNIZO”

I will carry the ambassadorship with pride until the end of 2012.