Ghent-Authentic and the Ghent-Altarpiece, a match made in heaven!


The restored 'Mystic Lamb', which represents Christ, is back in cathedral and it's mind-blowing! Last week I personally guided an important Russian press delegation and they were flabbergasted. Since our foundation in 2010 the Ghent Altarpiece has been the major focus of Ghent-Authentic. This has a lot to do with my personal expertise and passion for the Altarpiece. A passion I was happy to share with over 50,000 people from all over the world: corporate clients as well as families, friend and colleagues. My expertise lies in how to guide the Altarpiece in a way which is highly impactful, emotional and inspirational. It moves me each time I see how the Ghent Altarpiece touches the heart and soul of so many people. How it inspires them, brings them to tears.

I’ve woven all my insights, knowledge and expertise into an exclusive Van Eyck evening, a tailor-made In the footsteps of Van Eyck walk ánd a brand new inspiring talk ‘The Ghent Altarpiece. Human. Genius. Divine’. This talk is an evolution of my TED TALK ‘A square meter of soul’ which you can find on YouTube. More info about the Ghent-Authentic Van Eyck2020 program, you find on our website hashtagghentauthentic hashtagvaneyck2020 hashtagghentaltarpiece


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