Ghent-Authentic's Private tours for one! Bev's story


Tailored Discoveries: Bev’s Unique Journey

When American Bev expressed a wish to delve into the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Beguinage Our Lady Ter Hoye, we tailored a unique experience just for her. Guided by Ghent-Authentic guide Pol Vanbiervliet, her transition from mere curiosity to absolute enchantment embodies the bespoke service we’re known for at Ghent-Authentic. Observing her marvel at the entrance of the beguinage, greeted by its artistically inclined residents, was a truly delightful moment. Such personal interactions highlight the deep, meaningful connections we cultivate, unveiling the lesser-known gems of Ghent to our visitors. #ghentauthenticstories #privatetourjustforone #ghentauthentictours


This is what Bev sent us afterwards:

Hi Kristel - 

I so enjoyed my tour with Pol - especially wonderful to go into several homes.  

Thank you for setting this up!