Discover the Ghent 2015 Light Festival with Ghent-Authentic!

Now that The Guardian has ranked the Ghent Light Festival in the top 10 must-see light festivals in Europe, Ghent is definitely the place to be for the 2015 edition of the event. The Ghent Light Festival runs from 29/1-1/2/2015 and again promises to be as spectacular, amazing and enthralling as ever. In any event, the guides at Ghent-Authentic simply can’t wait to show you the city at its very best in 2015!

Ghent-Authentic private tours on Thursday 29/1, Friday 30/1, Saturday 31/1 and Sunday 1/2 at 6.00 pm, 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm.

With flexible starting and finishing points, Ghent-Authentic presents the best possible selection of the illuminated artworks, with tours designed for you and your guests. Impress your customers, staff, family and friends with a Ghent-Authentic private guide, who will ensure that you see and enjoy the Ghent Light Festival in relaxed style.

- Flexible starting and finishing points for the tours

- Personal pick-up (centre)

- Professional Ghent-Authentic private guides:

- Tips & tricks for matching catering, restaurant visits, cafés, etc.

- Light Festival maps

- Two delicious Gentse neuzekes* for every participant

- Price: 200.00 euro (excl. VAT), maximum of 20 persons per guide.

Book at info@ghent-authentic.comor call +32(0)9 269 52 18.

* A Gents neuzeke, also called cuberdon, is a sweet purple cone-shaped Belgiancandy. The literal translation of neuzeke is “little nose” for its likeness to a human nose.