As Ghent safely reopened after the corona lockdown, Ghent-Authentic is happy to get back on track - Check here our FAQ of our clients

Corona update 17/5/2021: Tours are again possible, however under strict safety regulations: max. 20p, masks, distance. Check our coronaproof private tours. 

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We also offer a safe, warmheartedly and inspiring alternative with a personal, interactive and inspiring online Van Eyck' Ghent Altarpiece digital talk by Tedx speaker, Ghent Altarpiece expert and Ghent-Authentic's founder, Kristel Vereecken. Click here for more info and price.


The information below is currently, due to a new lockdown, no longer applicable.



To visit Ghent post-corona

We made a short youtube video about it. Check it out here.

In order to help you to prepare your trip to Ghent, hereby some easy, safe and useful tips:

Say yes to: Ghent-Authentic tours, open boat trips, shopping, enjoying open air restaurants, bars and terraces, visiting a museum, the cathedral, the castle and so on.  

Measures to take into consideration: Wash your hands regular and keep a safe distance. It is compulsory to wear a mask in the historic city center, as well outside as inside (eg shops, musea, and all public transport) 

Say no to: shaking hands, kissing, hugging, big gatherings 

FAQ by Ghent-Authentic clients about post-corona Ghent-Authentic tours. 

1/ What's the maximum capacity of the tour?

In theorie you can come with a group of max. 20p. However in order to keep the tour comfortable, we strongly recommend to come with your own private bubble of max. 15p. In this way we can walk you very comfortable through the city.

2/ Which measures are you taking in order to keep the tours safe?

Your tour is private. No other participants will join. The guide will wash his/her hands regularly, will not touch you, keep a safe distance and will wears a mask. The guide remains clearly understandable. You can opt for extra audio support (small extra fee) to listen to the guide with an app on your own smartphone.

3/ Do we need to wear a mask during the tour ?


4/ Which tours do you recommend during covid times ?

We make sure that we only offer tours which are 100% safe. At each of our tours we add an extra label explaining in what way this tour is safe, what to expect. For a good overview of our corona proof tours, check here

5/ I booked a tour but cannot travel to Ghent because of the corona/COVID 19 measures. What to do?

We gladly reschedule your tour to a date/time of your liking and this without extra charge as well in 2020 as in 2021.

In case you prefer not to travel back to Ghent nor in 2020, nor in 2021 and you paid an advance, a voucher according to the paid amount will be send to you (email) which is valid in 2020 as well as in 2021. This voucher is transferable to your family, friends or colleagues.

Due to the protective measures of the Belgian government to protect the cultural, event, travel and touristic sector in these coronatimes, no cash refunds can be claimed. 


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