The Treaty of Ghent ? The Treaty of Ghent !


Treaty of Ghent: 200 years peace between USA and UK

Ghent-Authentic has a instinct for hidden stories and the Treaty of Ghent is definitely one of those !

The Treaty of Ghent, signed on December 24, 1814 in Ghent, is the peace treaty that ended the War of 1812 between the USA and the UK. During 6 months British and American diplomats negotiated peace in 19th century Ghent (1814), took actively part at Ghent society and ended their stay in Ghent succesfully by signing a peace treaty that would change the world. 

Due to the first World War a proper commemoration could not take place. However 200 years later times are different and the bicentanery will not go by unnoticed.

On September 24th the ambassadors or the US, UK and Canada will celebrate their ungoing friendship since 1814 in Ghent by taking part in debates, concerts and revealing a new peace plaque in the Ghent city hall. Under guidance of Ghent-Authentic (, these excellencies will visit the places of interest in Ghent related to the treaty, among which some stunning 18th century mansions in the city center.

Needless to say that we are very honored to tourguide these excellencies and are very much looking forward to it !