Ghent-Authentic's Mystic Middle Ages

Detail 'Klein begijnhof' Gent
Klein Begijnhof Gent

In ‘Ghent-Authentic Dark Ages’, it’s all about experiencing the serene, often spiritual, vibes of medieval churches, seemingly forgotten monasteries, beguinages, and last but not least ‘The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb’, the world famous altar piece (1432) of the Van Eyck brothers.

During our visit, we mix moments of pointing out the (art) historical and architectural background with moments of silence so that you can experience these sacred and often secret places to the fullest. 

After a 1,5 hour of total immersion in the Middle Ages, there’s nothing better than a rich Belgian beer to finish the day!

For more information about the price and free of charge extra services that come along with the tour, click price policy/service policy. Prices don't include entrance tickets for the Mystic Lamb.