Ghent-Authentic & the Ghent Altarpiece: a match made in heaven!


Despite the fact that we see the Ghent Altarpiece almost on a daily base and this for the past 8 years, it doesn't cease to fascinate and inspire us. Since the foundation of Ghent-Authentic, the Ghent Altarpiece is the major focus, expertise  and inspiration of Ghent-Authentic.

Our  mission is to open up art, in this case medieval religious art which is traditionally considered as quite unaccessible, to a bigger audience, to make it inspiring and relevant today. In short, we see ourselves as a ‘a bridge’ between the scholars and the public.  We like to share our knowledge and passion for it with you. The Ghent Altarpiece has enough 'flesh' to stand on its own or it can be perfectly integrated in most of our tours. 

In this section below you find all our Ghent Altarpiece programmes



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