Inspiring talks on the Ghent Altarpiece by founder Kristel Vereecken

Founder Ghent-Authentic

Since its foundation in 2010, the Ghent Altarpiece is the major focus of Ghent-Authentic.

Prior to Ghent’s Van Eyck Year in 2020, Ghent-Authentic's founder Kristel Vereecken plans a series of inspiring talks about the Ghent Altarpiece throughout 2019 as well in Belgium as abroad and this as well in English as in Dutch.

"I see the Altarpiece on almost a daily base and this since 8 years. I have given talks about it right in front of it and behind the scenes of it for what must be by now in the thousands of people and it never ceases to fascinate or inspire me. On the contrary! My mission has always been to open up art, in this case medieval religious art which is traditionally considered as quite unaccessible, to a bigger audience and to make it inspiring and relevant today"

As a quick intro, please take a look at the Ted Talk I gave about the Altarpiece in  ‘A square meter of soul’. 

Prices upon request (premium pricing) at or call +32 (0)9 269 52 18 within office hours.



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