Things to do to feel like a local on a Sunday in Ghent

Kouter - Bloemenmarkt
Kouter op zondag
In de Sint-Baafskathedraal
At the Unesco beguinage


To feel like a local on a Sunday in Ghent, this is what you do:

1/ Slowly waking up

2/ Breakfast at home or in one of the many authentic breakfast places in town

3/ Stroll to the Book Market, alongside the river

4/ Stroll to the adjacent Flower Market and buy some flowers for your loved ones or for yourself ;)

5/ Time for appetizer, preferably oysters and champagne at the 'Blauwe Kiosk'. It's Sunday after all :)


6/ go to church, to the Sint-Baafs cathedral for example. It's Sunday after all!

7/ have lunch at one of the many outdoor terraces or picnic alongside the rivers Lyss or Scheldt

8/ time to nap in the park and enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday afternoon !