There's always something going on in Ghent!

Tango op het Sint-Baafsplein

Ghent-Authentic Gentse Feesten programma 2014 !

At the Christmas market - pancakes !

A happy, healthy and authentic 2014 !

Het Lam Gods/The Mystic Lamb

Ghent-Authentic in 'Mysteries' Magazin: "Der Genter Altar: ist das Geheimnis gelüftet?"

Gentse Feesten

Het Ghent-Authentic Gentse Feesten programma 2013 !

Ghent-Authentic Graffiti Workshop

Ghent-Authentic Graffiti Workshop ! A true Ghent-Authentic experience !

At the Book Market on Sunday

Things to do to feel like a local on a Sunday in Ghent