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In your pocket Ghent & Ghent-Authentic: a great collaboration !

Ghent-Authentic guides TRACK

Gentse Feesten 2012 (14/7-23/7): elke dag 2 gegidste Ghent-Authentic rondleidingen: 'DOUBLE TRACK' en 'NIE PLEUJE' !

Massgeschneiderte Ghent-Authentic Führung für den Kirchenchor St. Rupert aus Nürnberg (Youtube film)

Ghent-Authentic op de cover van Vrij Ondernemen

Ghent-Authentic op de cover van 'Vrij Ondernemen' !

Meet & Greet with the women of FLYSE

On the road as a role model for entrepreneurial starters in Ghent !

Persconferentie Track op 2/2/2012 in het SMAK

Ghent-Authentic goes Track vanaf 12/5 tot 16/9/2012 !